EPL: Guardiola names two clubs deserving to win this season’s Premier League title

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola has named two clubs that deserve to win this season’s Premier League title.
According to Guardiola, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur deserve to win the English topflight league title ahead of Manchester City this term.
Guardiola stated this following City’s 2-1 defeat by Leicester City on Wednesday in the Premier League encounter.
“They [Tottenham and Liverpool] deserve the Premier League title, they win games, we don’t win games, so the gap increases,” Guardiola told Sky Sports.
“Last season we were so consistent in making a lot of points, and this season especially Liverpool and Tottenham they are so good.
“So at the end today we finish the first round and we have of course these last two defeats, but we have done enough points to be champion! A lot of points we have done!
“But the problem is the other ones have made a lot, and that is the reality, they are better than us in that moment, you have to accept it, and it is important to accept where we are, and they are improving.”
Guardiola added: “The reality is there are two or three teams better than us, so they are better. We’re not talking about whether we can take Liverpool or get to Liverpool or whatever, the issue is about winning another game, and thinking in ourselves about how we can improve.
“We have to think about Southampton and recover mentally, and recover who we are as a team.
“I don’t forget who we are, how good we are, how exceptional the lads and mates are in the locker rooms. The fact is we lost three in four, and the last two, and if you want to be real contenders we have to win again.”

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